Day 8

I’m ashamed to say tonight was my first run since last Thursday.

In my defence, I had a busy weekend at work- day and night on both Saturday and Sunday.

Last two days- well I just didn’t have the motivation to be honest. No CJS, no structure, I think it just caught up with me. Revision was getting me down and I didn’t feel up to running.

However, today I started my placement at Real Radio. Absolutely loved it! Interviewed Cardiff City manager, Malky Mackay, wrote copy and edited audio.

It really motivated me and as a result, I ran well this evening. I went from my house to dominoes pizza in town (will check distance) and back.

I pushed myself to the limit, on times I felt like I was going to be sick. I never let myself get comfortable and I certainly felt like my old self running.



Day 7

Went for a very long run yesterday but forgot to take a picture and blog about it. What a nightmare!! Went from my house to the centre of Merthyr town and back down the main road towards, Pentrebach. To extend the run, I took a quick detour around Abercanaid. Very intense! Very painful! …but very enjoyable.

Day 6


No run yesterday because of a knee strain but a good day today. For the first time, I climbed to the top of Pen y Fan mountain in Brecon. Really challenging, strong winds and icy under foot. Tried to get some runs going on the way up.


And after that, I took my girl girlfriend out for her first run. We did a few laps of the local rugby field which included a really fast lap to finish.

Overall- very good day!

Need a timed run soon now.

Day 5


That pic was taken post-run. Hence the state! So it’s been quite a disappointing weekend with regards to the challenge. Woke up Friday with a bad pain in my knee, assumed I was being too one dimensional with my training so I used the last three days to take a break from running and focus on stretches, squats and some general static exercises. Good timing really as I had a busy weekend of work anyway. Went out today tho, again trying to mix things up- put some side steps and short sprints into the run, hopefully knee will benefit from that. Nothing timed but was out just under an hour.

Day 4


Good day today, legs felt tired before the run but I troopered on. Furthest so far of the week. Got on the Trevithick trail and went down as far as Merthyr Vale, came off the track and ran through Troedyrhiw and Abercanaid. Finished strongly again. Did start timing it but forgot to stop it when I came back. No worries- pleased with the effort and feel already I’m making progress.

Day 3

Yep third run went well. Wasn’t too sure how I was going to feel and how much time I had so I didn’t plan anything- I just went out and ran.

Got a good 35 minutes in, some hard hills in there as well. Finished strongly!


Day 2


Second day, ran just under 4 miles I believe (Still no official distance measuring device in place). Ran 2 miles down the Trevithick trail in Pentrebach and then 2 miles back. Bit more intensity than yesterday, few hills and a bit more speed. Legs starting to ache slightly now but that’s expected after so long away from running.

Timing- just over 41 mins so by no means a fast time. Definitely run that route 35 in the past. But, it’s another step in right direction.